I have always been a firm advocate for blogging; I like to think I am part of the generation that has made it the successful industry it is today.  So it’s no wonder then, that when wanting to research weddings, I turn to the internet so often.  Over the years more and more brides have been sharing their big days online, and what’s more, some of the sites they are creating have become thriving communities of people who have one thing in common: matrimony.  There is something so liberating about the freedom that comes from the tap of a mouse.  You want a rockabilly wedding?  Here’s a site for you.  You’d like bicycles to be the theme of your day?  Step this way.  You’re dying for a chic inner-city wedding?  You’re not alone.  It’s as if the internet has opened the floodgates to a whole new world of wedding fetishes.  I’m a bit of a closet D.I.Y nut myself so am always on the lookout for blogs that feature crafty of kooky weddings.  But who’s out there writing them and what is there to read?  Two of my favourites are Rock My Wedding and Ruffled.
Ruffled is an American blog written by the ever-so stylish Amanda, on her site she says: “When I was planning my own wedding in late 2007, vintage inspired weddings weren’t as “in” as they are today, which made it a challenge to inspiration and resources to plan my 1930s inspired wedding.”  This struggle to find an easy source of inspiration drove her to start writing her own blog and in 2008 Ruffled was born.  “I started this blog in 2008 as a source of inspiration for vintage brides planning their weddings. Today I have the privilege of calling it my full time job.”  But popularity in the blogging world is not easy to achieve and it is Amanda’s keen eye for detail that helps her select beautifully crafted weddings for the site, ensuring her success.  One of the sites more impressive features is the ‘Recycle Your Wedding’ page on which Brides can list any wedding paraphernalia they may have left over; not only this a great way for brides to lower the cost of their big day, but it is astoundingly good for the environment. 
For a blog a little closer to home head over to Rock My Wedding, a UK blog that screams great taste and charm.  The site says: “Launched in October 2009, Rock My Wedding was created by Charlotte O’Shea a newly-wed with a passion for the pretty and the realisation that UK brides would benefit from a frequently updated on-line resource featuring achievable and unique Big Day inspiration.  Having supported Charlotte’s ideas from the beginning and regularly guest contributing since the launch, Rebecca Norris joined the blog in November 2009 and together with Adam Crohill – designer, developer and “blogfather” extrordinaire, they make up the RMW team.  Rock My Wedding aims to bring soon-to-be-brides a wealth of ideas through fresh and innovative content, daily real wedding eye candy and access to the Industry’s most desirable vendors.”  Not only do they feature UK weddings by the bucket loads but they organise get-togethers for their readers to have a drink, meet the vendors and chat the night away.  Sounds perfect?  I thought you’d agree!
Obviously one of the best things about weddings is the running about manically trying to find anything and everything that will make your day unique.  There’s something magical about trying on dress after dress until you find ‘The One’ or smelling the different flowers for the bouquet, but shops, fairs and florists can be intoxicating and overwhelming and therein lays the beauty of the blog.  An hour or two (or week or month) spent browsing your favourite blog can give you a strong sense of what you’d like to create on your own day and saves on the aching feet.  Because a lot of the brides featured have planned their weddings themselves it is reassuring to see that most of your dreams are achievable and for the most part – affordable.  Besides, what’s the next best thing to planning your own wedding?  Sneakily looking at pictures of someone else’s!  So next time you’re online why not pop on a blog or two and see where it takes you.   
Have a good week brides-to-be,
If you want to check out the blogs featured then head to www.ruffledblog.com and www.rockmywedding.com and why not check out West Weddings own website http://www.west-weddings.co.uk/