A day to remember

Even when spending a week in Brighton (an early summer sojourn by the sea – thank you sunshine) I cannot forget our readers.  So when I stumbled across these little beauties, I just knew I had to share them.
The friend I am staying with took me to a shop called Snooper’s Paradise which is one of those amazing second hand shops full to the brim of treasure. Aside from these pictures I also found an LP of the original Battlestar Galactica soundtrack… but the less said about that the better.
I found them nestled in an old suitcase full of photographs that people didn’t want anymore. It was so incredibly sad that I had to buy them and share them with you all.

The pictures are so pretty; there’s something special about wedding photography that makes them inspiring to look at – even now when we know nothing about the couple.
Well I’m feeling suitably loved up. Enjoy the sunshine!
– Hannah