A note from me to you…

Can you remember the last time that you received a handwritten note or letter?

In our world of texts, emails, tweets and status posts we now communication in a very different way, but the handwritten note is still a very special one.

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One way of adding a personal touch to your wedding is to write a little note to your guests. Thanking them for sharing your special day on beautiful piece of paper, a luggage label, or simply just a small tag tied to a favour or napkin takes a few minutes, costs little but stays in the memories of your guests after the day has finished.


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A simple handwritten note shows that someone took the time to sit down and want to tell us something because we are special to them. 

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If you feel that your handwriting is not up to scratch then there are many calligraphers who can write on your behalf.  More Than Words have an amazing service that would make an amazing wedding present or thank you gift. A handwritten note is duplicated and turned into a work of art to cherish forever.

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So treat yourself to a new pen, some gorgeous card or paper and make the time to thank your friends and family who make your celebration and support you in your new chapter in life. In fact, who could you send a little note to today?

Love Kirsten xx

Kirsten is a venue stylist and runs her own business The Little Wedding Helper. To discuss how she can help make your special day as fabulous as possible visit her website and get in touch.

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