And the winner is…

We hope you have enjoyed our recent series on how to plan a wedding without breaking the bank! Over the past several weeks we’ve heard from three different brides who planned gorgeous and fun weddings without having the world to spend. Hopefully their stories have inspired you believe that with a little creativity, nothing – even a budget – can stand between you and the special day you want!

If you haven’t caught up this series, here are links to each part:
Teacups & Bunting: Ruth’s Story (Part 1)
An English Summer Wedding: Sarah’s Story (Part 2)
Top Trumps & Candy Jars: Anneka’s Story (Part 3)

To accompany our frugal theme, we’ve also been running a giveaway of ‘A Priceless Wedding‘ as part of our series. We are happy to announce that after 31 total entries, our winner is Gianina B! If you entered but didn’t win, don’t give up! Watch this space – we never miss a chance for a giveaway.

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