Ask the Experts: Choosing a wedding ring on a budget

by Vashi Dominguez (Diamond Expert and Founder of
Wedding rings are to be worn for life, an everlasting symbol of your everlasting love, so you want to get it right. To get your dream rings without re-mortgaging, the top advice we can give you is to shop around. If you’re used to shopping online, this is good news. By buying online, you are not paying for an expensive shop front, there’s a very good chance you can get a higher quality ring for much better value. Look for discount codes, this will cut your cost and may allow you to upgrade to the next price bracket if your dream ring is just out of reach.
Choosing the style of your wedding bands can sometimes be difficult. Here are the most important questions that Diamond Manufacturers ask a couple choosing their wedding bands:
  • Do you and your partner pick matching bands?
  • Will it sit well with your engagement ring?
  • Which style do you opt for?
  • What budget have you put aside for your rings?

Carefully consider your answers to all of these questions before you buy. Try on a few rings, see how a wedding band will fit with your engagement ring and have a chat to see if you will decide on matching or individual rings. If you are opting for engraving, choose what you will put onto each other’s rings –engraving is a fantastic and easy way to really personalise a plain band. Diamond Manufacturers currently offer customers free engraving on all plain wedding bands, which will again keep the costs low. Make a note of what styles you try on in high street stores and use this as a guide when searching online to get better value for your money.
Remember that gold is gold! By law, all Gold (white and yellow), Platinum, Silver and Palladium has to be hallmarked by an Assay Office to ensure that it is what it says it is. There will be no difference in carat between an expensive White Gold wedding band bought from a high street jewellery chain and a similar White Gold band available online.
If you are choosing a diamond wedding band, be aware that by opting for a stone that hits just under nearest carat mark (e.g. 0.9) can save you money (up to 30%, according to some). Diamond Manufacturers are up to 61% cheaper than the high street and we offer a double the difference guarantee.
For inspiration, here is a selection of wedding rings to suit every budget and taste:
Under £150

Under £400

Under £500

Under £600

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