Celebrate with Quality Street

I know for a fact that in our household there’s general bad feeling that the large tins of Quality Street are only really around for Christmas.  There are plenty of other days in the year that large quantities of chocolate are needed: birthdays, christenings, having your girls over for a film, celebrating the fact it’s a Tuesday afternoon and you’ve just finished work.  See?  I also know that lots of us are planning on getting together with friends, family or neighbours to celebrate the fast approaching Royal Wedding and it seems the clever people at Quality Street know this too. 

Cue drum roll please…
…and yes, that is Kate and Wills that you see on the front of the tin.

Portrait artist Cath Riley and Bristol based Epoch Design came together to create this celebratory tin design.  Stuart Tallis, Senior Creative at Epoch Design commented: “Our aim was to create a modern piece of commemorative memorabilia that would represent the new era of royalty. Taking inspiration from the traditional ‘white wedding,’ we transformed the tin into a beautifully presented regal wedding cake with a sprinkle of Quality Street magic. Our focus was on devising a fresh and contemporary look which remained in-keeping with the core Quality Street brand”.

The tins are available at Asda and with an rrp of £10.50 they are a much cheaper keepsake than most. Brett Stephenson, Senior Brand Manager at Nestle Confectionery added: “Quality Street has a history of marking special Royal occasions including Coronations and Royal Jubilee’s, most recently to celebrate her Majesty’s 50th year on the throne.   As holders of the Royal Warrant it is fitting that we should mark this special occasion with a special tin containing the nation’s favourite chocolate assortment.  Quality Street also celebrates its own special occasion in 2011, the brand’s 75th birthday”.
I’ll certainly be using this as an excuse to grab a tin, and if anyone should so much as raise an eyebrow (as I stuff my face full of the little green triangles) I shall simply inform them that I am being patriotic.
– Hannah