Fashion Friday: Fifties-inspired

For once we’re turning today’s Fashion Friday from focusing on wedding guests to members of the wedding party – namely, bridesmaids.

In recent years we’ve seen trends for bridesmaids’ dresses branch out into vintage, eclectic, mixed-colours, casual, trousers-and-shirts, and just about everything non-traditional. While there’s much to be said for the non-traditional, there’s also a lot to be said for a throwback to a simple, flattering, A-line dress cut (which, as a bonus, still hearkens of ‘vintage’ for those of you still wed to that trend). An additional benefit of the A-line cut is that its simplicity allows you to play more with colour and patterns without causing too much distraction for the eye.

To convince you, we’ve rounded up four of our favourite A-line, fifties-inspired gowns for the modern bridesmaid. Enjoy!

Fifties All The Way

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