Fashion Friday: Grooms who dress to impress

Getting the right attire for your wedding can be as daunting for grooms as it is for brides, so we enlisted the help of bespoke tailor and wedding style ‘guru’, Roberto Revilla to give our guys his essential hints and tips.

A traditional formal wedding usually means either morning suit or dinner suit/black tie. But before you decide which style and colour suits your personality and wedding, here are a few things to consider:

Get the suit right
Start the process early (at least four months before the big day), especially if you’re going tailored. If you’re considering a traditional formal suit, you’ll need to try on some ready-made/rental morning suits or dinner before you decide whether suits work for you or if a more custom fit option is needed. You want to look the best you can on your big day, right? 
If you usually struggle to find off-the-peg clothes that look great, then make the investment and go tailored. Dinner suits and morning suits are at the very least great outfits to have in the wardrobe but not need, rather than need and not have.
For great takes on traditional formal wear with an injection of personality, image search on sites like Pinterest and create your own mood board of favourite looks. This will make your life easier when you go to a store or tailor as you’ll be able to show ideas you like and see how best they can make them work for you.

Colour choices 
For morning coats and dinner suits, a navy version rather than traditional black could be worth considering – a contemporary twist and the shade also works better for gentlemen with a summer/spring type complexion (i.e. those of you that are fair of face).
Talk to your fiancée about any colour schemes/themes running through the wedding. As well as a buttonhole it’s a great idea to look at matching your tie/bow tie/cravat to say, the floral arrangements or bridesmaids’ dresses. 

Shoes, shirts and everything in between

Treat your wedding as a game of two halves and have a shirt for each. One for the ceremony and then later on, change to a fresh one as you carry on celebrating and dancing the night away with your gorgeous bride. 
When it comes to shoes, I have had some men say, “Oh, I have a pair of black shoes I use for work, I’ll just polish those up and use them.” My advice is NO! Go and invest in a new pair for the big day. With a smart morning suit, a good pair of black oxfords or brogues will do the trick, whilst a dinner suit works well with a high-shine or patent leather pair.
Socks should be chosen last – some fresh new black or grey socks for your morning suit, black or navy (depending on trouser colour) for your dinner suit. Again no harm in having two pairs for the day. 

For more advice on accessories and how to create a more relaxed wedding day look, read our 2nd part blog from Roberto Revilla coming soon! 

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