Grooming the groom

Although on these pages we tend to focus on the bride, we like to consider the men from time to time. After all, they take centre stage on their wedding day too. So with this in mind, West Weddings went in search of tips to ensure your groom looks as groomed as he can be…

Don’t worry, we’re not necessarily advocating that you start using ‘guyliner’ or foundation (although more power to you if you do want to give these a go), but in the run up to your wedding, it’s definitely time to get groomed.

Kate Moss checks the quality of Jamie HInce’s grooming on their wedding day

Starting at the top, make sure that your hair is at its best. Bristol barbers RSR are experts when it comes to making grooms look good. Owner and lead stylist Rachael has been at the razor’s edge of men’s grooming for 15 years, and has a wealth of ideas for men wanting to rock a stylish haircut on their wedding day.

“It’s fashionable at the moment for men to not look overly styled,” says Rachael. “The most popular cut is a short back and sides but longer on top, similar to the way men wore their hair in the 1940s. The main difference nowadays is the products. Dry and matte waxes and creams create texture and movement but without looking overly wet or greasy.” Rachael recommends American Crew Fiber wax or Fudge Matte Hed texture paste.

For your wedding haircut, preparation is key. Rachael advises coming in a week to ten days before the wedding for a cut. “It takes about three days for hair to settle down,” she says. “So you want to make sure that you give it enough time for any sharp edges to soften.” RSR can also wash and style your hair on the day, ensuring that your new cut is shown off to its full advantage.

When it comes to your skin, don’t think that moisturiser is just for your bride – men’s skin needs as just as much care as women’s. There are lots of products on the market now that are designed specifically for you, with big names such as Nivea and L’Oreal creating whole ranges based on the specific needs of men’s skin. If exfoliator and eye roll-on gel seem a bit too much effort, however, at least take the time to use moisturiser on a daily basis to ensure your skin looks smooth and in tip-top condition for the photographs.

If the thought of walking into a shop and buying male moisturiser causes you to shudder with horror, a more cunning option is to buy a cream that both you and your new wife can use. Eternal Skincare’s aloe super hydrating moisturiser is unscented, meaning it’s suitable for both men and women. It also multitasks as a face cream, body moisturiser, after sun and massage lotion, so you’ll have more room in the suitcase when you go away on honeymoon.

Eternal Skincare’s aloe cream is a clever multi-tasker

A visit to a spa is also an option for some body TLC – after all, why should pampering be just for the ladies? Robin James Aveda spa in Bristol offers a number of treatments tailored specifically for men. These range from stress-relieving massages and facials to more adventurous options including eyebrow shaping, manicures and pedicures. There is even a back and chest wax for those of you who can handle the pain! Robin James also has a ‘groomsmen’ package, which combines a number of treatments for you and your best men plus lunch or afternoon tea and champagne. This is the perfect chance to relax and unwind before the big day.
You’ll be looking at your wedding photos for years to come so it’s definitely worth investing some time and effort into your appearance. After all, your wedding suit might date but a good hairstyle and clear skin never go out of fashion.

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