Heavenly hydrangeas

Walking down my road last week I couldn’t help noticing the abundance of colour in my neighbours’ gardens. Big bright blocks of colour that spilled over fences and jumped out against the stone walls and brick houses. My neighbours didn’t have landscaped gardens or pots from the garden centre…they had hydrangeas.

Photographs by Jo Hansford Photography 
Hydrangeas have huge heads of flowers; in fact one stem can make an amazing bouquet. The tiny flowers that make up the bloom are delicate but striking and when placed on a table can make beautiful centrepieces.
Flowers by Lisa Elliott
These beautiful photos are from a wedding I styled at Leigh Court, Bristol. Hydrangea heads were placed in oasis on top of a high cylinder vase, creating a wonderful impact as guests walked into the reception. On the top table the hydrangeas were places in low round vases, with  the couple’s initials placed in the top of one arrangement.
The hydrangea flower is usually white, pink or blue, proving popular for many colour schemes and can easily be combined with other flowers, though I think they deserve to stand out on their own.
And who knows, if you get to know your neighbours you may have a great money saving answer to your flower requirements!
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