Honeymoon Spotlight: Porto, Portugal

The beautiful city of Porto is often overlooked for the better-known Lisbon when travellers think of visiting Portugal, but we want to take a moment to introduce you to this lovely city and excellent honeymoon destination. Hopefully these photos (taken by our blog editor when she visited last year) give you a peek at the gorgeous destination that is Porto.

Without further ado, we present 5 Reasons to Visit Porto:

1. Food

One of Porto’s most well-known dishes is the Francesinha – a sandwich that some have described as Portugal’s answer to the French croque-monsieur. You can read all about its delicious details here, but suffice to say that paired with a basked of chips and an ice cold beer, this is one of the most indulgently tasty meals out there. Bonus: your excuse for eating it can be that it’s a genuine cultural experience, especially if you dine at the tiny, hole-in-the-wall Bufete Fase.

The Editor’s francesinha – before and after.

2. Drink

Porto is the home of – you guessed it – Port, so not only is the drink available nearly everywhere you go, but there are several wine cellars just across the river that give interesting and informative tours that cover the history and making of the drink.

3. Beautiful scenery

In Britain we easily grow familiar with the idea of old buildings and old cities – but it’s striking to visit a place where even old buildings have a unique sense of Portuguese character that really stands in contrast to traditional English architecture.
There are many spots from which to glimpse a birds-eye view of Porto across the river. If you visit, be sure to take in these vantage points to encounter truly breathtaking views.
4. Shopping

While in Porto, our editor spent nearly an entire afternoon in an outdoor market filled with eclectic stalls. It truly was a shopper’s paradise – particularly if that shopper is interested in original, unique, and sometimes downright random items!
5. Affordability

Last, but not least, we found Porto to be a city where no tourist would find themselves limited by budget. On so many holidays one has to be careful to pick and choose exactly what they do and don’t want to visit and experience, because each of those experiences come with a price tag. Not so in Porto. We were surprised to find that many elements of our tourist experience were inexpensive (e.g. the wine cellar tour and port tasting, transportation on the Metro) or free (e.g. museum entry, visiting nearly all notable landmarks). Unsurprisingly, Lonely Planet also listed Porto #4 in its list of ‘top 10 best value destinations‘ in 2012.
For more information on visiting Porto, TripAdvisor is a great starting point.
Have you visited anywhere that YOU think would make a great honeymoon destination? Let us know! We’d love to feature your experience and your photos on the blog to help others as they plan their special getaway.