Intimate baby shower at Goldbrick House

Not to scare any brides out there but sometimes, just sometimes, you have a baby.  And so I didn’t think it would be too out of place to share the baby shower I threw for my future-sister-in-law the other week at the gorgeous Goldbrick House.

I knew that Elly loves vintage crockery so was keen to get Ali Cook from Bristol Vintage on board as soon as possible. They have a range of options for brides wanting to include beautiful crockery for their special day, without having to find and store it yourself. My person favourite is the high tea package which has everything you need for a summery celebration; it even includes scones and cupcakes.

The other thing I knew needed including were sweets.  And lots of them! Elly has a major sweet tooth and loved the idea of having a candy buffet.  As an extra special treat I asked Steph of How2IDo to put together some tasty treats for the guests.  Steph recently started putting her candy buffets and will match the ribbons, the dishes and the colour of the sweets to the theme of your big day.  Because our theme was bright colours (not so much of a theme, I know) she made sure her corner of the table was just as colourful. But here’s another thing; Elly and most of her family are vegetarian so Steph went above and beyond to make sure as many of the sweets were vegetarian friendly.  All but two were and they were clearly marked so we had absolutely no problems. Perfection.

We put together goody bags for the guests.  I ordered bags that matched the colour theme, and paper clipped a thank you note to the front.  The bags included a copy of a Beatrix Potter book, a ginger biscuit made by Elly and a copy her baby scan.

Because I was so busy running around on the day I completely forgot to take better pictures of The Library, the room we used at Goldbrick House. Unlike a lot of venues you do not pay to hire the room and pay for the bar on top, there is simply a deposit paid before the event and a minimum bar spend which varies depending on the time of day. We arranged to have hot and cold drinks so a coffee and tea table was set up in one corner, a small bar in the other, larger tables for the food and a small table for gifts.  The space is pretty, bright and tucked away from the rest of the venue so you really feel like the space is yours.

The pictures aren’t brilliant but I just had to share them.  The shower was a triumph and it was all thanks to local  Bristol businesses coming together and making it happen.

Enjoy the sunshine,
Hannah xxx