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Introducing a brand new company – Lizzy May Photography. Liz has been lecturing and shooting weddings for a long time for other people, but has now decided to strike out on her own and start her own business. She’s also planning her own wedding and has just had her second child.

“The first wedding I shot was my big sister’s at the Riverstation in Bristol. Wow did I have my work cut out for me! As the photography was my wedding present to her I wanted to get it just right. The proof of the pudding – the best portraits I’ve ever taken. It just goes to show that knowing your subjects enables you to take better pictures of them; they relax and start to ignore the camera, concentrating instead on having a chat (it doesn’t hurt to be an Aussie either).

This is one of the things I wanted to build into my ethos – getting to know the couples. I’ve started giving away free engagement shoots in order to achieve this. That way if people book me for their wedding, they already connect with me and we get even better results.
I studied at Lincoln and Derby Universities many years ago. However, it wasn’t until I started lecturing at City of Bath College that I REALLY started to learn. Every day you teach yourself something new, to keep ahead of the bright young teens. Appreciate your teachers; they work harder than you think. Especially me as I’ve got two children!
I adore all the little things about weddings: merry best men, furtive glances, proud Dads, unique flowers, ebay bargains, home made decorations, and fabulous shoes that aren’t even noticed under a long skirt! If you’ve got something unique to show me, I’d love to take a photo or two (hundred).”

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  1. Lovely work Lizzy and i hope the planning for your own wedding is going well? let me know if you're looking for a tog…. ; ) seriously congratulations and i hop all goes well x

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