Miscellaneous Monday: All That Glitters

It’s Miscellaneous Monday! And we’re here to kick off your week with sparkle, stunning designs, and then even more sparkle. If you find any of this miscellany as interesting as we do, please share it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

Favourite décor trend: glitter, glitter, glitter

As evidenced by last week’s Miscellaneous Monday, we love the trend of glittery or sequined décor. (And it looks like we’re not the only ones!) When done right, it’s a far cry from the glitter of bedazzled jeans, and hearkens more toward the glitzy era of Gatsby’s 1920. One of the West’s favourite wedding suppliers, Pudding Bridge (in collaboration with the Little Wedding Helper), recently introduced their sequin collection, which is the perfect way to grab hold of this trend! The collection features a variety of sequined table linens – and if they don’t have precisely what you’re looking for, they’re even open to special requests! Just email Helen@PuddingBridge.co.uk to ask.

Favourite wedding stationery: Lizzy-May Designs

Our editor is a sucker for anything designed in a new or different way, and Lizzy-May Designs really fits the bill here. Her stationery, which was featured in our latest issue, really captures the personalities of the brides and grooms that she designs for. Lizzy is a photographer by training (and still shoots some gorgeous weddings!) and really brings her eye for composition, colour and point-of-view to all of her stationery. Check her out at lizzy-may.com.

Favourite Pinterest find: peacock brooch bouquet

If you never thought you’d see those words combined, you’re not alone – neither did we. But when we saw this fantastic creative combo of beading, sparkle and peacock colouring, we had to share it. It’s a bit out there, perhaps, but so lovely. What do you think? Yay or nay? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter (@WestWeddingsMag)