Miscellaneous Monday: Cakes and cookies and cupcakes – oh my!

Today we welcome back Miscellaneous Mondays after a brief winter hiatus. We’re happy to be back and ‘hitting the pavements’ of the internet on the lookout for interesting wedding miscellany to share with you!

What we found today developed into a bit of a theme – sweet things! Let’s face it, weddings necessitate sweet things, so this is highly relevant (we argue, while salivating over the photos below).
Instead of featuring sweet-related miscellany from across the internet, we decided to focus in on one of our favourite cake-cookie-cupcake maestros: Anne Gliddon of Pretty Amazing Cakes. Anne has recently launched her brand new website – www.prettyamazingcakes.co.uk – so make sure you check out all of her work there!

Favourite cakes: chantilly lace

We love the delicate detailing on this cake of Anne’s. It’s sweet, with little touches like the tiny butterflies and piped dots, while keeping the overall look simple and not too overwhelming. Bonus: the lace is edible. It truly doesn’t get any better than this. Anne has also made her mark with her gorgeous birdcage cakes. We couldn’t feature Anne’s work without giving these a cameo.

Favourite cookie: cookie wedding favours

The uses for these are so many – from placeholders to favours to decorations on a cake table (and more, we’re sure!). We particularly love these bride and groom themed heart cookies.

Favourite cupcakes: lace and china flowers

Here we completely intend to transcend the silly bickering over whether not not cupcakes are still ‘in vogue’ for today’s weddings. It is our opinion that cupcakes can no more go out of fashion than cake itself when it comes to weddings. The fashionable bit comes in how you dress it up – which is a real expression of your individual style and taste. Our favourite aspect of cupcakes is the way that they can each be entirely unique, and you  can incorporate colours and decoration in bold ways that won’t be as overwhelming as they would covering a whole cake! A couple of our favourites from Anne’s selection (which can be found here) are the vintage lace and china flower cakes. Detailed – but understated. Perfect!


Have any miscellany you would like to share with us from across the web? Let us know by tweeting us at @WestWeddings or by letting us know in the comments.