Miscellaneous Monday: Nail Polish, Studebakers & Lace

Can you smell that? I think Christmas is in the air! (OK, OK, enough cheese, but I just can’t help getting excited about this season!). As we properly near the start of winter, I thought I’d share some truly seasonal miscellany today. This week I’m loving warm grey nail polish, red Studebakers, and frosty lace mermaid dresses.
Favourite accessory: warm grey nail polish
If you’ve read much around the blog, you know that I love nail polish – it’s my favourite accessory. I also hold the firm belief that it’s the perfect accessory for any occasion – including your wedding day. My particular favourite nail polish for this season is Essie’s Cashmere Bathrobe. I’ll grant that the name doesn’t exactly sound like something you’d wear on your wedding day, but it does encapsulate the warmth of this gorgeous grey tone, perfect for a December or January wedding.

Favourite transport: red Studebaker
What better way to incorporate the colour of the season than in the car you arrive in? Some of our favourite folks over at Kens Cars have this fabulous 1928 American Studebaker Dictator available to brides in the west country and I can’t picture a more perfect vehicle for the season.

Favourite wedding dress: lace mermaid dress
This dress combines the elegance of lace with the drama and sexiness of a backless dress. We found this particular look on Etsy, but if you’d prefer to find a similar gown in your area, check out our list of stockists in the Bristol and Bath area on our website.

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