Miscellaneous Monday: Pride and Prejudice, Tattoos and more

Today we’re sharing some of our favourite wedding inspiration from across the web.
Favourite Proposal: Pride & Prejudice themed wedding proposal
Last week the website bleaty.com shared the photo-by-photo story of an amazing Pride and Prejudice themed proposal story. This groom-to-be really went all out when it came to proposing to his girlfriend – complete with costumes, re-enactment from the book, and more. Bonus points: he got her family involved. See the whole story here: http://bleaty.com/pride-and-prejudice-marriage-proposal/
Source: bleaty.com
Favourite wedding theme: A tattoo-inspired wedding
The popularity of tattoos seems to be growing, and they are a really unique way to express who you are and even preserve cherished memories. What better memory to cherish than your wedding day? Last week Buzzfeed broke down ’13 Ideas For a Tattoo-Inspired Wedding’ and we thought the ideas were fab. Highlights include working tattoos into your cake/cupcake décor, using ink as an alternative to wedding bands, and tattooing your shoes (yes, you heard right!).

Favourite innovation: Online wedding magazine/book
Today while perusing some online editions of West Weddings, we stumbled across this gem. A couple named Amanda and Daniel had published their wedding book on issuu.com (click the link to see the published book). It stood out from traditional photo albums in that it incorporated some truly gorgeous graphic design – making it a cross between a scrapbook and a photo album. Not only are the photos beautiful, but they’re presented so well and I’m sure Amanda and Daniel will be proud to keep their book as a keepsake for many years. The bonus for them with publishing it online is that it’s easily shareable with family and friends. A winner all around!