Miscellaneous Monday: Prints & Accessories

As I warm my hands on (yet another) cup of tea, I’m looking at the calendar in disbelief that it’s the last Monday in November. Just one more month left of 2013, folks, and winter is setting in soon. Hopefully today’s miscellany will help inspire the transition from autumn to winter wedding planning. This week I am loving heart- (and home-) warming Scandinavian art prints, hair vines from Bridezillas, and twig-inspired jewellery from Etsy!
(Also – if you are having a winter wedding, we’d love to hear what you’re doing to decorate, dress, and style your special day. Let us know at westweddingsbristol@gmail.com.)
Favourite décor: ‘Love’ by Violet and Percy
This adorable print won my heart immediately, and I thought I’d share it with West Weddings readers as an adorable idea for wedding reception or home décor. Check out the rest of Violet and Percy’s site for other equivalently heartwarming prints.

Favourite accessory (part 1): hair vines from Bridezillas
An alternative to the headband, fascinator and veil, these hair vines (my favourite is pictured below) are a lovely option for bridal headwear. They can be worn with an up-do or with hair down, and provide just the right amount of understated sparkle.

Favourite accessory (part 2): twig-inspired jewellery
Scrolling through the jewellery section of Etsy I stumbled across these hand-crafted rings and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. These would make a great accessory for a slightly more casually-styled bride who wants to take inspiration from the winter scenery for her look. I’m loving the look of small, stackable rings this winter, so this fits right in with that trend.