Miscellaneous Monday: Sherlock, Hair Colour Rants, and Vintage (of course)

Favourite Twitter find: vintage wedding dresses by Vintage Lane Bridal

Hunting around on Twitter lately – as we do – we couldn’t help but stop and notice these gorgeous vintage wedding gowns on display from Vintage Lane Bridal. This Bolton-based Mother-Daughter team have a large collection of vintage wedding dresses and we love the way they’ve been styled in these photos. Well done ladies!

We have over 60 beautiful vintage wedding dresses in our boutique, each one unique and one-off! 💕 #bolton #vintage pic.twitter.com/rcniHowsJK
— Vintage Lane (@LoveVintageLane) January 10, 2014

Favourite television wedding: John & Mary Watson on BBC’s Sherlock

How could we do a Miscellaneous Monday without referencing the TV wedding of the year (so far)? Like many of you, we were glued to our TVs a couple Sundays ago loving every minute of John & Mary’s wedding – and Sherlock’s rather ‘untraditional’ best man speech. Hilarity and mystery ensued while also creating such a heartwarming episode that we found ourselves reaching for the tissues. Well done, Sherlock. Well done.

Favourite style trend: brides with colourful hair

Warning: rant ahead!
So many brides feel constrained in their options for haircuts/colours/styles in the months leading up to their wedding. We can’t count the number of times we’ve heard brides who are normally bold in their style choices talk wistfully about putting their daring side on hold because they’re growing their hair out for their wedding, or postponing an exciting colour move because they’re just not sure how it’ll turn out in photos.

Now – thought caution has its place – you can’t move past the undeniable fact that you are getting married NOW and there’s only so far you can go toward making your wedding styling and photos ‘timeless’ because in 20 years your hair, style choices, age, preferences, and so many other things will have changed. Why not embrace who you are today and let that bleed into your wedding photos? If anything, it might make those photos even more precious when you look back and remember what it was like on that day in time – and who you were then.

Rant aside, we honestly just love colourful bridal hair. If it’s something you want to do – do it, and unapologetically. You’ve got our 100% support.