Miscellaneous Monday: Welcome December!

Welcome to Monday (and December, for that matter). I absolutely love this season for its festiveness and colours, and I can’t imagine a better way to encapsulate those things than through a wedding. As usual, today I’ll be sharing my wedding-inspired findings from across the web, which will hopefully help those of you planning weddings in the upcoming winter months! And as always, if you would like to share any of your favourite findings with us, tweet us (@WestWeddings) or email us (westweddingsbristol@gmail.com).
Today I am loving chunky bridal jewellery (yes, it can be done!), cookie favours (featuring Pretty Amazing Cakes), a gorgeous triangle-neck dress found on Etsy!
Favourite accessory: chunky bridal jewellery
I’ve stolen this look from one of my favourite photographers, Tori Watson (Marvelous Things Photography), who recently blogged about the fashion she wore at her own wedding. Though her wedding may have been three years ago, I think this trend has only grown more popular since, and I think we could all use a dose of inspiration to go bold with our accessories! Tori paired this jewellery with a gorgeous vintage lace dress (passed down through her family) – proving that statement accessories don’t rule out vintage elegance!

Favourite food/favour: cookie favours
One of our favourite cake maestros in the Bristol area is Anne Gliddon at Pretty Amazing Cakes, and one of her specialties also happens to be one of our favourite wedding ideas: cookie favours! Anne provides custom cookie favours to suit your wedding and décor. What a lovely, and tasty, idea for thanking each of your guests for attending your special day.

Favourite wedding dress: triangle neck dress
Once again on my travels through the magical land of Etsy, I found a gem. Triangle anything is on-trend these days so I was delighted to find it incorporated into the collar of this dress. That’s not the only feature I love, however. The silhouette and fabric really captured my attention and I feel like this would be the ideal dress for a bride who doesn’t want to go casual with her look, but doesn’t want to be overly formal either.