Miscellaneous Monday: ‘You mean that’s actually a thing!?’

Today we welcome in February by sharing our discovery of an accessory we didn’t even know existed. That’s right. Spending our days writing a bridal magazine and blog doesn’t make us prone to miss things – so this is big news! But without further ado, today’s Miscellaneous Monday kicks off with…

Favourite ‘Wait – that’s actually a thing!?’: Bridal epaulettes

This was originally spotted on Pinterest but led to lots of Googling afterwards. We’ve been introduced to the bridal epaulette by way of accessories, and we’ve got to say – we love it. This is such a unique way to accessorize a dress with a simpler neckline (including strapless dresses). It works as a great alternative to a necklace, and is an unexpected way to introduce a bit of sparkle to your ensemble for the day.

What do you think of this look?

West Weddings’s pin on Pinterest.

Favourite season: Wedding fair season!

As you’ve probably noticed if you follow our Twitter account, wedding fair season is upon us, and we have more than our share to announce! Coming up in February are the West of England Wedding Show and the Off to Wed Wedding Fair. For all the information you need to plan your fair attendance this season, visit our 2014 Wedding Fair calendar, with links to further info about each event.