One for the gents…

So we all know how easy it can be to forget the men in our lives during the run up to the big day, whether it’s Dad, husband-to-be or the male members of the wedding party.  But never fear, these lovelies might just be the answer to your prayers.

These beautiful ties are from Etsy retailer, Ties That Don’t SuckThey are available in olive, khaki, navy and silver.  Browse the store for a variety of styles with the same design including: 100% silk, micro fibre and narrow width micro fibre. The ties I have included are the regular width, micro fibre ties and they retail at £18 approx. but prices will be vary for the other styles.

These would be great at a nautical themed wedding, or, if your wedding has no theme, just as a touch of detail for the men.  Even the packaging is knee weakeningly gorgeous!

Not feeling the sailing ships? There are trees, gear sticks and lobsters. And they’re all just as sweet as these ones. In fact – here’s a cheeky gander at the lobsters…

Go on, make a splash with these, I know you want to! (Apologies for the pun!)

 – Hannah x