Our Favourite Bouquets for Spring 2014

Welcome to another Miscellaneous Monday!

When it comes to choosing your bouquet and other decorative wedding flowers, it’s a wonderful thing to reflect seasonal colours and blooms. Of course when it comes to flowers, there’s no better time than spring to enjoy a huge variety of flowers, and combinations of flowers. The colours range from muted ivories and whites, to vibrant hot pinks and yellows.

Nothing beats taking inspiration from others when it comes to bouquets – so without further ado, we present our top four favourite spring bouquets.

Miscellaneous Monday: Spring Bouquets

Miscellaneous Monday: Spring Bouquets by westweddings on Polyvore

We love the simple green and ivory of the first bouquet. Anemones are such a simple flower, but bold and elegant at the same time, really standing out in a bouquet.
If you couldn’t tell by the theme of the board, we love tulips. We love the hot pink and white parrot tulips featured in the second bouquet.
This third bouquet is fabulous in its simplicity. Tulips are truly everywhere this time of year, so it can be an affordable bouquet, but also intentionally simple. It pays homage to the homely flowers we know and love, but highlights them in a lovely way by letting them stand alone.
Our fourth bouquet may be is our editor’s favourite. It’s bright without being primary-colour-laden, and the light yellow mixes in with the peaches and cream colour scheme so well. 
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