Perfectly pretty peacocks…

There really is something majestic and breathtaking about the peacock; in particular the stunning and vibrant shades of blue, green and gold in their feathers.

Peacock feathers are a symbol of good luck and well being throughout most parts of the world and can add a real touch of elegance to any setting.

For Autumn and Winter weddings the opulent dark blues, purples and greens of the peacock are perfect for a cosy and intimate celebration with candlelight to welcome your guests.

For Spring or Summer weddings take accents of the peacocks colours and add a splash of gold for a lighter, elegant feel to your reception.
Use peacock feathers to add height to your centrepieces or use them as a regal addition to your flower arrangements. Hiring coloured linens, overlays or napkins in a colour can really add a dramatic edge to your reception, which can be a great idea if you have a venue with high ceilings and a big space. How about chair covers that have sashes in alternate peacock colours with a feather tucked in the bow? 

Be brave with these vibrant colours and don’t be afraid to make your mark as you blend these magnificent colours together to create one beautiful seamless look. You can preen yourself later on your amazing job and look!
Kirsten is a venue stylist and runs her own business The Little Wedding Helper. To discuss how she can help make your special day as fabulous as possible visit her website and get in touch.