Photo Friday: Ben and Shelly’s engagement shoot by Sidney Diongzon

There are no better photos than those of a couple in love. With this in mind, we have a treat for you today, in the form of a lovely engagement shoot of Swindon couple Ben and Shelly by Bath photographer Sidney Diongzon.

The shoot took place at Bath’s historic Prior Park which provided a gorgeous backdrop.
Sidney describes Ben and Shelly as “just one of those couples in life you meet every once in a while that are genuinely sweet. They’ve been together for years, yet their relationship seems like they’ve been together for decades.”

“You can tell that Ben is one of those guys that will do anything for his soon-to-be wife. In fact, he even knew Shelly was the one only after three weeks of dating! And Shelly is one of those girls that you can always talk to, and who will genuinely listen. Her zest for life and pure heart always brings a smile to anyone’s face. And together, they make one sweet couple.”
Sidney is a filmmaker and photographer from California who counts himself very lucky to be able to say he loves his job. He came to the UK after that time old reason – meeting and falling in love with a British girl who he ended up marrying! For Sidney, “my camera is my paintbrush. I love film. I love photography. I love telling stories.” Collaboration is also key for him – “it’s the key in creating art, don’t you think?” he says –  and he loves working with other artists.

These images show a couple very clearly in love, sensitively captured by a photographer with a great eye for composition. We can’t wait to see the wedding photos!
Thanks to Ben and Shelly for letting us feature their engagement shoot and to Sidney for providing such stunning images. To see more pictures from this shoot plus Sidney’s other photo galleries, pop over to his website. Perfect Friday afternoon browsing with images to make you swoon over!