Pretty pieces for your home

Need a gift for the married couple?  Want a gift for yourself?  Take a look at these wooden wonders.
Etsy. We simply have to stop meeting like this. I like you, I do, but I have commitments, bills, rent, cat food. I can’t see you anymore… well… maybe just once more. Or twice.
All of the items for sale at Uncommon Handmade are to die for. I love woody, crafty items and what is really drawing me to these is the almost unfinished quality. Take this chandelier for example, it’s available in plain wood (arguably pretty in it’s own right) and pre-painted. For all of you out there with itchy fingers this means you can decorate your own pretty chandelier. Wedding reception decor anyone?

Costing just over £35 (and that’s before the postage from the USA) it is not a cheap option.  But there is something incredibly fun about it. I cannot help but picture grooms with rolled up shirt sleeves, open fires and a thick, cosy rug to cuddle down on. Heaven!
Not all of their products evoke such a woodsy setting though – some are positively sun kissed. So if you’re suffering from some seasonal blues, feast your eyes on these…

Tangerine wall clock £23, Bamboo doily clock £20,
Mini fridge magnets £6
These would make lovely gifts for a new couple or even just for yourself. So why not treat somebody special?
Hannah xxx

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