Pretty wedding confetti

I love books. I love vintage. Confetti, well, I don’t dislike it… especially when it combines all three of these lovely things.
Taking a stroll through Etsy led me to these pretty confetti packets. The lovely lady behind Scrap Shoppe is a self-confessed diet coke drinker, chocolate eater and lover of all things pretty.

Prices vary depending on the shape, paper and quantity. The maple leaves cost approx. £9.62 for 365 and are about an inch in size. Not being a confetti aficionado I could not tell you how far this will go  but I CAN tell you that using these super sweet leaves, birds, butterflies or hearts will make any table display extra lovely (I’ve said love/lovely far too many times).
Am I right? Are these pretty? YES!
Hannah xxx
P.S For anyone crafty (who wouldn’t start sobbing at the thought of cutting up books) why not have a go yourself? Pop to a craft shop, pick up a shaped hole punch and away you go!

2 thoughts on “Pretty wedding confetti

  1. lovely idea and so so pretty, my wife would hate the idea of cutting up books and at £962 for a few handfuls i would feel a little distressed seeing it thrown and watching it being taken on the breeze

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