Katie and Bobby Adekanmbi got married in one of Bristol’s most historic houses

From the very first day at college Bobby couldn’t take his eyes off Katie. “Her beauty glowed in the sunshine,” he recalls, so he primed a friend to approach her during lunch and let her know she had an admirer! “I glanced over to see a tall, dark and handsome guy sporting a big ‘fro. As a mature student of a mere 21, I was slightly embarrassed in front of my peers and also seeing someone, so quickly declared I wasn’t interested,” says Katie. Throughout the school year, they would see each other here and there but never end up speaking to one another until the final day of college. Katie was heading up the stairs to the library and who came bouncing down at the exact same time? “We smiled, stopped and said ‘how are you?’” They eventually became a couple, and the rest is history.

On Katie’s 30th birthday, Bobby plucked up the courage to propose while camping for the weekend with family and friends in the Gower. “Bobby took me for a walk on the beach during sunset and popped the question with one knee in the sand. The sun was glistening on the water and the fire pits in the sand dunes extended the starry skyline. It was perfect!” Katie says.

It was important for the wedding to celebrate the couple’s cultural heritage of English, Jamaican and Nigerian, coming together on the day in a fusion of fashion, cuisine and music. The bride wanted to ensure that all sides of the family were represented well and authentically. “It was challenging, but we got there in the end,” she says. Guests enjoyed a range of cuisine including English, Jamaican and Nigerian and danced to a live Nigerian band. After wearing a white wedding dress for the ceremony, designed as a gift for her by her friend Jemilah, Katie changed into a buba (top) and iro (wrap) from Nigeria for the wedding breakfast and then into a dress for the evening reception that blended Nigerian lace and European style. Bobby also wore a Nigerian outfit of an agbada (robe) for the meal, then a babasora for the evening part of the wedding. There was also a special Nigerian fabric that featured as part of the day. “My sisterhood, which included my three bridesmaids and four more friends, all had an outfit made in ankara, a Nigerian fabric which we especially selected. We also invited all guests to have a garment made in it if they wanted to take part,” says Katie.

The couple chose the historic Kings Weston House for the wedding, as they wanted to have the ceremony and reception in one place. “As a little girl the grounds of Kings Weston House were my secret gardens, as a teenager I hung out with friends at the Roman ruins on the grounds, so as an adult I thought why not get married there?” explains Katie.

On the day Martin of Martin Dabek Photography captured every happy moment. “Martin was great! We chose him especially for his diverse and creative approach to photography. He invited us for a complimentary engagement shoot to get to know us. He also provides a lifetime membership and has offered to photograph our first-born and each big life event thereafter,” says Katie.

There was one minor nerve-racking moment for Katie before the ceremony, when she saw Bobby running across the grounds of Kings Weston House shouting — “I thought he was bailing on me!” But luckily he was only shouting at his delayed sister. In fact, Bobby couldn’t wait to marry the woman he describes as his “queen” at a ceremony where his whole family would be together for the first time since settling in the UK, and with his father passing on only three weeks after the wedding, this was a cherished part of the day.

With a honeymoon trip to Mauritius to look forward to after their perfect wedding, Katie and Bobby couldn’t have been happier. For the bride the highlight of the day was easy to decide. “The ceremony was fuelled with emotion and for me was the most significant part. The exchanging of vows and support from our family and friends in saying I do was beautiful.” Bobby adds: “The blessing was my favourite part. Pastor Tim who conducted it really added a personal touch and talked to our personalities as well as the expectation on us to love each other unconditionally.” They both agree that they put a lot of energy into the wedding to make it as great as they could, which paid off on the day and created an event that the couple was proud of. “It was a celebration to mark the most significant day of our lives to date — we were overjoyed!” The couple also agrees that they wouldn’t have been able to do it without their incredibly generous, creative and helpful family and friends.