The weather gods smiled on Khamsin and Mike Wager for their Cotswold wedding in August

Khamsin and Mike’s relationship started with an office romance and was sealed with a proposal in a hotel during a special weekend away, when Mike surprised his bride-to-be with a ring “that she would be excited to wear for the rest of her life.” Khamsin was relieved it was in private, and also pleased that Mike had remembered to ask her dad first. “This was something that had been mentioned in passing ages before. It seems outdated, but my sisters and I think it was really cute that my Dad had asked my granddad, and so it’s being established as a family tradition, despite the fact that my granddad’s response to my Dad was ‘I think you better ask her’!”

The couple opted for their ceremony and reception at the Slaughters Country Inn in Lower Slaughter, set in the beautiful Cotswolds, and a venue that exceeded all their expectations. “The events manager, Tess, was a delight. She was really enthusiastic; she seemed to be as excited about us getting married as we were!” says Khamsin. “We can’t thank her enough.”

Khamsin wore a bespoke dress by designer Amanda Heslop, who talked the bride through every step of the dress making process, and even did an emergency bridesmaid dress repair just before the wedding. “It felt brilliant to be walking down the aisle in my handmade, bespoke silk and lace dress. I felt incredibly glam,” recalls Khamsin.

Delicious food was a priority for the couple, and one of the highlights was having two wedding cakes – a 12kg ‘cheese’ cake made from big wheels of cheese, which was served with chutney made by Khamsin’s mum to her great grandmother’s recipe, plus cupcakes by The Cupcake Fairy Evesham. “She asked for some of the fabric we were using for the decorations and matched the icing perfectly, as well as the flower designs on the cakes. They looked spectacular, so good you almost didn’t want to eat them, but when you did, any sense of guilt went out the window because they tasted incredible too!”

The couple wanted their friends and family to enjoy the day as much as them, and for Khamsin, the best part of the day was having all her loved ones together to celebrate with her and her new husband. For Mike, “specific details are hazy, despite how much thought was put into them beforehand, but I remember how much my cheeks ached from smiling and laughing, I remember feeling like everything was exactly how we had hoped and I remember Khamsin’s face when we said I do.”

Phil from Reward Photographics was on hand to record the day, and the couple loved the images he created for them. “We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for the manner in which he captured the most exciting and enjoyable day of our lives. Our discussions in the build up about what we wanted, and his favoured approach had us confident that things would work out well, and in fact that is an understatement. We, and our guests, couldn’t be happier with the pictures we have from our wedding, as they really convey the atmosphere of the day – and make us all look good!” Phil also got to document some things he probably wasn’t expecting. “I’m lucky to have a close knit group of friends that despite all going off in various different directions, when we get together it’s like we’ve never been away,” explains Mike. “The downside to this is that it is also like we have never grown up. A good example of this is that by 8pm in the evening there had been space hopper races, skinny dipping, tree climbing and a photographer who had seen more of some of my friends than he could ever have expected.” Sounds like a great wedding to us!