A wedding at Priston Mill was the culmination of a jetsetting relationship for Lucy Haver and Pete Trewin

Combining the best of British with laid back Aussie charm, Lucy and Pete’s summer wedding was a celebration of a relationship that has spanned numerous countries and continents. Welsh Lucy and Australian Pete initially met in Spain, then got together in Australia, moved to the UK together, travelled around South America and Thailand, and then moved back to Australia, meaning that the wedding had a definite international theme! “Pete and I have had to leave and greet each other at four different airports six different times,” explains Lucy. “At our wedding breakfast, our groomsman Nick appropriately quoted the Hugh Grant line from Love Actually about the feeling when people reunite at Heathrow airport and how it shows that ‘love is all around us’. It was very meaningful for us both and something we definitely can relate to.”

The couple spent the weekend in Bath following their engagement, and decided that they’d like to return to this historic city for their wedding. An internet search found them the Tithe Barn at Priston Mill and they were instantly smitten. “We were after something old and in the beautiful British countryside, as a number of our guests were coming from different parts of the world and we wanted to show them the historical town of Bath and all things British! We were also planning a vintage countryside themed wedding which the barn and the surrounding fields encapsulated so well.” Pimms, bunting, cupcakes and lawn games represented the British side, while flip flops for the ladies and Australian beer added a fun Antipodean touch. The couple’s passion for travel was also showcased via photos around the venue and a slideshow organised by family. Lucy’s gorgeous low backed lace dress even got into the travelling theme, being bought in Sydney and then making its way to Bath via Dubai and London.

With Lucy living apart from her British family and friends, celebrating with loved ones was an important part of the day – in fact, Lucy’s love for her family and friends was one of the things that first attracted Pete to her. The couple were keen to show guests how much they meant to them, which they did with photo collages in the venue and pictures placed on the bunting. One family member also deserves an extra special mention. “The day wouldn’t have come together without Dianne Haver, Lucy’s mum,” says Pete. “As we had to organise the wedding from Sydney, Dianne was invaluable in communication with suppliers. She also was responsible for the family collage, table plan and individual name cards.”

Music is another of the couple’s passions, so they chose a band, The Sessions, whose playlist matched their love for Motown and rock music. “We had three meaningful songs in the ceremony, and the table names were album covers from our favourite bands and bands that reminded us of keys times in our relationship,” says Lucy. “Our first song was an acoustic version of the Foo Fighters ‘Everlong’ , which brings back memories of when we saw them at Reading festival, which was the first of many festival trips together.”

The sunny July day was captured by Belinda McCarthy, whose natural, relaxed style of photography perfectly matched the feel of the wedding. “Belinda instantly made Pete and me feel at ease with her level of experience with wedding photography, interest about us as a couple and the feel we hoped to get from the day,” enthuses Lucy. “She and her assistant just felt part of the guests and caught so many natural expressions from the guests when they were laughing, playing the outdoor games, enjoying the food and dancing. We loved being able to don our wellies and head into the nearby field to get some beautiful couple shots in the countryside on the sunny summer’s afternoon.”

Lucy and Pete both agree it was an unforgettable day that surpassed expectations. “Thank you to the British weather for being kind and the beautiful countryside and city of Bath!” says Lucy. “We love dancing and music and so we loved having so much fun with our fabulous guests, most of who we hadn’t seen for over a year.” And love clearly was all around that night, as the guest who caught Lucy’s bouquet (with three slightly bent roses, as on first throw it hit a beam in the barn!) got engaged just a month later.