Maths teachers Victoria Evans and James Beltrami had a ceremony at school for their wedding day

Victoria and James met during their PGCE year in Bristol, where they were both training to be maths teachers, meaning it was as easy as ‘123’ when it came to getting together. “We share many interests that always provided us with something to talk about,” explains Victoria. “Although, as we’re both maths teachers, our departments think that all we do every evening is solve mathematics problems – which is sometimes the case, but we don’t tell them that!”

Despite being the centre of attention in the classroom, neither Victoria nor James like to have too much focus on them the rest of the time, so James’ low-key proposal at home in their flat was perfect for Victoria. “James works at a private school so he has shorter terms than me. While I was at work, he spent the whole day covering the flat with vases of roses and scattering them around the living room. He cooked us a lasagne which is his staple dish as his grandparents are Italian and we go to Italy most summers. After dinner, he got down on one knee and popped the question.”

The same school, Wycliffe College, was the setting for the couple’s August ceremony. “It was important to me that we had a church wedding, as I think that the atmosphere in a church can’t be matched in a period house,” says Victoria. “We’re lucky as we live on campus in one of the boarding houses and our flat looks out on to the college’s chapel. It also meant that Claire, who is the houemaster of our boarding house’s wife, could conduct the ceremony.” This was also the highlight of the wedding for Victoria. “I feel it’s the most important part of the day as it’s the time when you are committing to each other which is really what marriage is all about. The best part was when we said our wedding vows to one another.”

Afterwards the party moved to Thornbury Golf Centre, and while the weather wasn’t what a wedding in August should be, Victoria and James didn’t let it dampen their spirits. They travelled to the venue in a gorgeous vintage car from Satin and Lace Weddings’ collection. “The car was beautiful with a very chatty and approachable driver – it was just a shame that we couldn’t have the top down due to the weather.” The inclement weather that summer also made sourcing the flowers that the couple had planned a bit tricky, but Blooming Brides in Thornbury still managed to pull it off. “We wanted 100 sprigs of lavender, and while the summer had brought in a very low yield, Pat from Blooming Brides still got them for us.”

Victoria and James’ wedding party was memorable, with eight bridesmaids, three best men and one page boy! Guests were left a little bemused by the groom and best men’s speeches, however. “Due to a bet they had made the previous evening, they had all put various odd words into a hat and had to pick out three each and incorporate them into their speeches,” explains Victoria. “Some of the words included dungarees, flux capacitor, sexual and pork – a very odd combination!”

The couple both agree that they wouldn’t change a thing. “I loved it from beginning to end, and was glad that we had such a lovely day with all of our family and friends. The day goes by so fast with so many memories being created,” says Victoria. “The highlight of my day was when I got to call Victoria my wife for the first time,” enthuses James. “I had been waiting ages to be able to do it, and it still feels great today!”