Something Blue

Confession: I am slowly becoming a nail polish addict. Throughout my life I’ve always gone through phases of being obsessed with one category of accessories: first it was rings, then it was earrings, then it was necklaces. I think my new obsession with nail polish is simply my latest accessory phase, and I am not complaining!

In my ongoing hunt for new colours to try, I have noticed the growing trend of pastel nail polishes. Of the pastels, my recent favourite colour has been pale blue. Not only is this colour bang on-trend at the moment, but it would perfectly suit many bridal looks.

The brand/colour I bought was BarryM’s Blue Moon (£3.85 on Amazon). It’s beautiful and pale, cooler than ‘periwinkle blue’ but warmer than ‘ice blue’. I bought BarryM because it happened to be the brand I stumbled across and I loved the colour. But I’ve been inspired by a few other brands who do a gorgeous pale blue, such as Essie’s Borrowed Blue and Oscar De La Renta’s Larimar.

Please excuse the less-than-professional manicure.
When you wear nail polish as often I do, DIY is the only way to go!

Note: Opinions are my (the editor’s) own, and not affiliated with BarryM in any way.