A beautiful styled shoot at Berwick Lodge

Happy Monday! To start the week off right, we’ve got a gorgeous shoot for you to enjoy.


We love the hidden gem that is Berwick Lodge, a pretty little venue just outside Bristol that’s perfect for an intimate wedding celebration. So when Bristol-based stylist Gina Jones and photographer Viktoria Kuti sent us some photos from a shoot they’d recently done there, we couldn’t wait to share them with you…

The theme of the shoot was ‘fusion’, bringing together various cultural influences to create a fun, fresh wedding look. “Bristol is home to so many talented creatives that we wanted to give people an opportunity to showcase their work,” says Gina. “Viktoria has lots of experience with portraits and has recently moved into weddings, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get people together to show off their skills. Berwick Lodge were kind enough to loan us their wedding venue for the occasion and it was ideal because we were keen to do a variety of set ups.”
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There’s a strong Japanese influence in the clothes and styling. “Asian prints have been a key trend for the last few seasons and are set to be big again next year, so it seemed like a good time to update this look. Our hair stylist Yumiko Jones at BLO is Japanese and she was the one who sparked this theme initially, bringing in Yuki, our bridal model, and advising on how we could adapt traditional Japanese elements into a Western wedding style. The rest of us ran with it and got as creative as we could with it, using Pinterest to share ideas.”

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Gina was assisted in selecting clothes by the team at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway. The red bridesmaid dress, lilac bridesmaid dress and the two piece pink bridesmaid outfit are both from Coast at The Mall. The blue bridesmaid dress is from John Lewis, as are the groom’s clothes. The fabulous 1920s style tassel dress is by Phase Eight (and how well does it go with Berwick Lodge’s beautiful Art Deco glass door panels?), and the other wedding dress is a custom creation from Gilly Woo, a fabulous Bristol designer and dress maker. “We adapted with lots of different accessories to create several looks out of one dress,” explains Gina. All the kimonos and obi belts were brought from Japan by Yumiko.
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Make-up artist Shari Knowles kept the cosmetics very light and natural, making it both a perfect bridal look and a fresh look for spring. Fiona at Emerald & Jade Flowers provided the bouquets. “It was important to us that the flowers be local and seasonal, but also evoke the fun, colourful Asian influence we were after,” says Gina.
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The bride and groom were Yuki Hunter and Samora Jose, and the bridesmaid was Kirsty Kelly, all of whom are friends with the team. “Yuki is Japanese, Kirsty is British and Sam is originally from Angola,” explains Gina. “As the theme was fusion, we were keen to use a diverse cast of models from different backgrounds. Sam is the only one who had modelled before, so he very much guided the girls through the process, alongside Viktoria. We wanted to use real people for this one because we didn’t want the pictures to look too ‘staged’. It was important for us that the participants were all comfortable with each other. We created a really fun atmosphere on set with lots of music and dancing!”