The doily

I love scouring the charity shops of Bristol; finding anything vintage makes my heart beat a little quicker as I think of the history, nostalgia and beauty of a time gone by. It was last week that I came across a set of crocheted doilies. I wasn’t sure about them first of all as surely they were something your nan used to protect arm rests or old ladies thought were the best way to showcase their china – as if a doily underneath a figurine suddenly made it look more attractive and expensive. For £2 I couldn’t resist. There was something so delicate and beautiful about them. No home was complete without these, once upon a time, and now they are making a comeback. Hurrah I say for using doilies, paper or crocheted. I’m loving them. 
According to Wikipedia, a doily is ‘an ornamental mat’ and is named after a 17th century draper from London. Who would have thought that Mr Doiley would have started a trend that has spanned centuries? Doilies are meant to be used to protect wooden furniture from scratches where as the paper doilies are used to add decoration to a plate. There is something about the delicate detail and its versatility that really can rival the latest trend of lace at the moment. Perfect for a vintage summer wedding with beautiful china and jugs of country flowers but also stunning for a pretty winter wedding.
I love the garlands that can be made out of the paper doily.  Add your names, date of the wedding, your initials or simply leave blank and let natural light twinkle though the delicate cut out. Use small doilies on their own for place names, menus or to leave a little personal message for each guest. The fabric crocheted doilies can be sewn together or simply overlapped down the middle of a table, creating a gorgeous and unique runner. 
You really can use the simple doily in so many ways that no longer do I just think of them as the dress material for my toilet roll angel at Christmas time. Now they really are elegant, beautiful, detailed and add stunning detail to any celebration. 
– Kirsten x