The little details

It’s the little touches that make a wedding personal. From something you wear, to something you decorate with, having distinctly personal touches – personal in the sense that they mean something to you, whether or not others understand – make a huge difference to the feel of your wedding.

One of my personal favourites in this category is family heirlooms. Many of us may not be able to fit into our mothers wedding dresses (and many of us may be very glad about that!), but jewellery, a hairpiece, or even a bit of lace can be a family heirloom to incorporate into a wedding.

For my own wedding, my favourite detail of my outfit was my headband. In a way, it was an afterthought because I chose it after the dress and veil. But in the end, even though my dress, bouquet, shoes, etc were all amazing, it was this little piece that brought it all together and I still love to admire it.

While I love family heirlooms, I must own up that my headband doesn’t fall into this category. I did, however, also wear a pair of diamond earrings that my grandmother had given me several years ago for my birthday. I loved incorporating something that had become very much ‘me’, and in some ways, very much ‘normal’ (after wearing them many times over the years) into the most special day of my life thus far.

In an upcoming post, we at West Weddings would love to feature YOUR personal touches – whether they are something you plan to include in your upcoming wedding, or whether you are married and look back on them with fondness. If you have a keepsake or favourite ‘personal touch’ to share from your wedding, send a photo of it to We can’t wait to see what you come up with!