Top Tuesday: 5 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

On this week’s Tuesday chart we’re happy to present five gorgeous and easy to make favours for your wedding guests that will add a special personal touch to your big day – you can thank us later for helping you save some money!

1. Stamped sweet treats
Why not get your bridesmaids over for a wedding theme ‘bake off’?  You can make enough biscuits, macarons or cupcakes for your entire guest list (plus a few extra). These heart-shaped biscuits are super cute and they look great covered with icing sugar and stamped – think your initials, the wedding date, etc. 

Image source: Pinterest

2. The seeds of love
You don’t need to be a keen gardener to appreciate flowers and your guests will love the anticipation of seeing the plants grow once the celebrations are over. Simply sprinkle a few seeds of your favourite flowers in small glass jars and offer them to each of your wedding guests. 

Image source: Pinterest

3.Cute teacup candles 
Whether you go for your nan’s old china or pop into a few charity shops, you’re bound to find some lovely vintage cups. All you have to do is show them some love by polishing them clean and filling them with melted wax – they look good and smell great, too!
Image source: Pinterest
4. Mini olive oil bottles 
Everyone will love these tiny glass bottles filled with olive oil and rosemary and they’ll be thinking of you each time they make a salad or cook a pasta dish. Chefs young and old, beginners or seasoned, they all need a bit of olive oil – may the cooking begin! 
Image source: Pinterest
5. Rustic crackers
What a cracking idea! Let your creativity run wild when decorating these mini wedding crackers, just don’t make them too perfect – wild flowers and jute twine string are great for a rustic looks chic. You can choose to fill them with individual things for each guests: confetty, sweets, glitter, popcorn, etc. 
Image source: Pinterest
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