Top Tuesday: Tips for making a wedding toast

As the wedding season approaches, we talked to the experts at Toastmasters International about the things to consider for delivering a memorable wedding toast. Whether you’re the best man, the father-of-the bride or simply a close friend to the newlyweds you’ll find these tips useful when preparing to speak in front of an audience and on such an important 

  1. Be prepared – know your material and try to avoid reading. Include an catching opening line and a memorable conclusion.
  2. Identify yourself – open with a brief explanation of your relationship to the couple before beginning the toast.
  3. Use humor and creativity – entertaining stories and anecdotes are appreciated by the audience, but avoid telling potentially embarrassing stories or using offensive language.
  4. Get personal – a toast should be original, heartfelt and customised for the occasion.
  5. Stand, lift your glass and say, “I’d like to propose a toast.” Pause to allow guests to shift their attention toward you and give them time to lift their glasses. Be sure to lower your glass to about waist height.

Toastmasters International is a global organisation devoted to communication and leadership skills development. 
“It’s important that the person delivering the wedding toast is confident, poised and moderately brief,” says Mohammed Murad, from Toastmaster. “The most memorable messages come from the heart, are light-hearted and focus on wishing the couple well on their joyful journey together.”


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