Wedding beauty planning

Just like every other detail of your big day, your bridal look  needs to be carefully planned for weeks, and even months, in advance to ensure a picture-perfect look. Even Cinderella needed a helpful hand from the Fairy Godmother! Now, we may not have a magic wand, but our easy to follow advice and tips from the experts at are exactly what you need to get you ready for walking down the aisle. 

Getting ready for the editorial photoshoot with a helping hand from the experts 

From starting a skin care regime to having a trial run of your make-up, and choosing your hair style, there’s lots to fit in and getting the timings right is crucial.
Enter the style team from online beauty retailer Hairtrade.comwho have put together all your beauty needs into an easy to follow timetable to ensure you look beautiful on your wedding day. 
“The perfect wedding look doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes weeks and months of planning to get right.” outlines Laura Meredith, beauty expert.

Six months before

Get serious about skin care
If you don’t already have a skin care routine, start getting into the habit now. No more going to bed with your make-up still on. A simple cleanse, tone and moisturise regime will keep your skin in tip top condition.
Start exercising
Exercising is not just important for getting in shape but also for reducing stress levels. If you’re prone to breakouts during hectic times, try yoga to increase posture strength and relieve tension. You’ll be looking and feeling great both on the inside and outside!

Rachel gets a few touch ups before the photoshoot
Three months before
Book consultation appointments with make-up artists
If you’re getting your make-up professionally done, consult with a few different make-up artists to see who you are happy with. Once you’ve found one that gets the look you want, book early to avoid disappointment.
Start experimenting with fake tan
You don’t want to have a streaky fiasco on the big day so leave yourself plenty of time to get your bridal golden glow. Think about the neckline of your dress and any existing tan lines you’ll need to even out.
Teeth whitening
Start an at-home teeth whitening routine to give you perfect pearly whites. Don’t leave this to the last minute as you need to factor in sensitivity and you might not get the results you’re after with a quick session a day or two before the wedding.  

A make over for our model bride for the photoshoot

One month before
Have a trial run of make-up for the big day
In your head trying Kim Kardashian style contouring may be a good idea but have a practise with it in advance, as the style might not suit you. If you’re doing your own make-up, now’s the time to buy the products you’d like. Ask for samples from beauty counters to give them a test run before you buy. 
Get your eyebrows shaped
Leave plenty of time for getting your eyebrows shaped professionally. This will leave enough time to grow them out in places if needed. 
Salon facial or facemask at home
Time to start making your skin glow. Book in for a facial or start using facemasks at home. Do not do this the day before the wedding in case you have a reaction to the product.
Cut down on tea and coffee
You don’t have to full on detox but cutting down on tea and coffee will reduce staining your teeth and flush your body of caffeine.  

Two weeks before
Exfoliate and moisturise
To get those silky soft elbows, hands and feet, start an exfoliating and moisturising treatment once or twice a week.
Drink lots of water
Staying hydrated is the cheapest and easiest beauty trick in the book. Aim to drink one and half litres of water a day for clear glowing skin.
Photo credit: Bowood
One week before
Bikini wax and shave legs
Make sure everything is silky smooth ready for your bikini on the honeymoon.
Splurge on a massage
You’ll probably be under a lot of pressure the week leading up to the wedding so treat yourself to a relaxing massage with your maid of honour. 

One day before
Pack an emergency make-up kit
Get all your essential make-up for touch ups packed and give it to a trusty bridesmaid.
Get mani-pedi done
You’ll be too excited to sit patiently and wait for your nails to dry on the big day so make this one of the last things you do the night before. Go for gel with your manicure and pedicure to keep the colour lasting right through to your honeymoon.
Have a long bath
Unwind in the tub to ease your mind of any pre-wedding jitters. Try adding some essential oils for luxuriously soft skin the next day.
8-10 hours sleep
They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing, so get a good night’s rest before the big day.

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