What is a cheese wedding cake?

One of the latest trends in wedding cakes happens not to be a cake at all! Cheese wedding cakes have taken off in popularity, particularly in Britain, since 2004, and we here at West Weddings think every couple should at least consider this totally different take on a wedding cake as they plan their day.

Before getting into the variety of options and things to consider, it’s worth exploring the trend a bit more.

Image credit: Yorkshire Dales Cheese Co.

First of all, what is a cheese wedding cake? The idea is quite simple. A cheese wedding cake look like a traditional tiered white cake, but is formed of several rounds of a cheese of your choice. This is a terrific option for those who have less of a sweet tooth and would prefer indulging in a savoury cheese course.

Second, let’s talk about what types of cheeses are available? Of the more than 700 cheeses available in this country, some of the most popular for wedding cakes (according to the British Cheese Board) are: Cornish Yarg; Blue Stilton; Mature Cheddar; British Brie or Camembert; Creamy Lancashire, Cheshire, Wensleydale with Cranberries, White Stilton with Apricots and Red Leicester. 

One’s options aren’t confined to this list though! One of the great aspects of a cheese wedding cake is the flexibility to choose something more exotic, something you’ve never tried before, or perhaps support your local farms by choosing a cheese specific to your area.

How much does a cheese wedding cake cost? For those worried that a cheese cake might be out of their price range, be reassured that prices are very similar to that of a traditional wedding cake. In terms of quantity, one will want to allow approximately 100g of cheese per guest (although this could be lessened if the cake is part of a buffet, rather than a stand-alone cheese course). If you care to save a slice, or have any leftover, cheese can keep remarkably well if properly stored and refrigerated or frozen.

A few other bits to bear in mind when selecting a cheese wedding cake, as recommended by the British Cheese Board:

  • Be careful about selecting strong smelling cheeses – unless you are very sure that your venue is well air-conditioned
  • Make taste your primary reason for selecting the cheeses – the presentation will be made beautiful with a variety of accents and decorations, so don’t let yourself fret over looks!
  • Ask the experts for help on choosing flavours that will create a balanced cheese board for your guests
  • For decor and accents, consider fruit or edible flowers – and be sure to ask your supplier for advice if you want to try anything more adventurous
  • Consider the sizes of the cheese you choose in order to create a balanced, graduated appearance
Image Credit: Yorkshire Dales Cheese Co.

Finally – if you’re sold on the idea of a cheese wedding cake but still can’t bear the thought of giving up a frosted traditional cake, there’s nothing stopping you from doing both! Consider a traditional wedding cake for earlier in the day, and a cheese cake for the evening. Or perhaps try serving up mini-cheese cakes as centrepieces on each guest table.
The cheese wedding cake trend is not only a great way to indulge a personal love of cheese, but a wonderful way to participate in a growing British trend!
For more information and guidance on cheese wedding cakes, visit the website of the British Cheese Board: http://www.britishcheese.com/