White Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Your final journey as a single woman (or man!) should be memorable.

As you go from your house to the wedding ceremony, you’ll be experiencing a lot of different emotions: excitement, anticipation, possibly a few nerves. That’s why you need to make sure that you pick someone to take you who will make these final moments before you say “I do” even more special.

White Diamond Chauffeur pride themselves on ensuring that this is just the kind of wedding day experience you’ll have. Run by chauffeuse Kelly Elvins, the personal touch is very important. “I tend to build up a rapport with my clients before I meet them,” says Kelly. “When I do meet them it’s like I’ve known them for a long time, and when I walk up to their door I’m not a stranger.” 

White Diamond’s cars include a Chrysler, known as a “baby Bentley”, and a rare white Audi Q7. The Audi can hold up to 7 people meaning that you, your bridesmaids and your parents can all travel together. 

“For your wedding, you need a chauffeur who’s on hand, who’s helpful and who puts you at ease,” explains Kelly, which is why all of White Diamond’s chauffeurs are, in fact, chauffeuses – an all-female team, who know exactly how to ease any nerves you may have. This also means that they’ll know exactly how to help out with your dress and make sure it gets into the car without any mishaps! 

White Diamond Chauffeurs also pride themselves on the little touches that just make the day even more special, such as complimentary champagne and flutes (that you can keep!), and the car being decorated in ribbons and colours that match your wedding’s colour scheme.

For more information on how the company can get you to the church on time, check out their website or contact Kelly on 07979 918661.