Becky Borrill and George Stotart kept it local with a wedding down on the farm

After ten years together, Becky was convinced George would never propose, so to be surprised at Christmas while on holiday in France with an engagement ring wasn’t something she was expecting. “I didn’t react how I always expected I would do — it’s not how you see it in films! Although I said yes straight away, I then actually felt a bit overwhelmed and shocked for the rest of the evening!” Becky’s custom-designed ring reflected an important time in their relationship, which had begun when they both started jobs for the same company within a few weeks of each other. “We’d previously both lived and travelled in New Zealand near the beginning of our relationship, so George had a ring designed and made in the country when he was back over there working for a few months before he proposed.” Her white gold ring is based on the ’Koru’ fern found in New Zealand.

Eighteen months later, Becky and George’s wedding day had arrived and after a ceremony at Bristol Register Office, the couple hopped in a Rolls Royce Shadow and headed down to their reception at Lower Stock Farm in Wrington, where two gorgeous yurts from Wedding Yurts were waiting for them and their guests. “We both liked the idea of having the reception outside, but didn’t want the traditional marquee,” explains Becky. “As soon as we came across Wedding Yurts, we both thought they looked amazing and had so much more character — it was an obvious choice.”

The couple was keen to have an informal affair with good food and good music. The former was provided by Papadeli, who supplied informal, communal food that was also tasty and seasonal. The latter came from the samba band that Becky performs with playing the couple into the yurt, and a massive drum ‘n’ bass rave up at the end of the night!

Martin Dabek Photography was on hand to capture the details, which included wildflower decorations and a table of cake stands filled with a tempting selection of biscuits, all baked by guests to honour Becky’s love of biscuits. “Everyone made such an effort, they were amazing!”

The couple was pleased to realise that all their wedding suppliers were local. “It felt a lot nicer supporting these businesses, rather than a big chain. And every single company we worked with, even down to the screen printers for the invitations, were all amazing and friendly, and caused no stress whatsoever.” They also had an especial thank you to yurt owners Lizzie and Jim, and Mandy at Somerset Flower Farm. “Lizzie and Jim were massively helpful throughout the run up and especially on the day itself. Jim built two incredible yurts and all the tables and benches, then took over as barman in the evening, while Lizzie made sure everything ran smoothly throughout the day, and helped enormously with decorations. And Mandy put in so much work, even when her Dad was taken ill in hospital the day before the wedding.”

It may have rained on the day, but this only added to the atmosphere. “It meant everyone stayed together inside the yurt instead of wandering off, which resulted in a really great atmosphere,” says Becky. “It was amazing from start to finish, from giggles in the ceremony to dancing away in a yurt filled with fairy lights, with all our family and friends around us.” George agrees. “I loved the whole thing; you feel special and you feed off everyone else’s happiness for you. It sounds like a cliché, but it really was the best day of our lives.”