Miscellaneous Monday: Engagement rings through the eras

Congratulations to our brides and grooms who got engaged this year! Whether your engagement ring is a classic diamond design or a bold saphire style, its symbol will always be true love and devotion. But did you know that the tradition of giving an engagement ring  has been spanning centuries?


The designs and styles of engagement rings have changed considerably over time – from Georgian floral motifs to the extravagance of Victorian intricate detailing or eye-catching Art Deco statemet pieces. The following ring style guide created by AC Silver  – a UK based antique diamond and gemstone jewellery retailer – will help you understand each era’s unique features before choosing the perfect piece for your personality.

The Georgian era

Georgian engagement rings (1714-1820) were the first to include open faceted designs. This period is well known to be heavily influenced by nature, and often used leaf designs handcrafted by makers before mass production techniques came into play. This was also the first time that luxurious stones were brought in from around the world to take the designs to the next level.


The Victorian era

Victorian engagement rings (1837-1900) showcase the age of Romanticism that ruled the literature and art of this era and often incorporated hearts, flowers and bows into the design. The most popular gemstone of the time was opal, as it was a personal favourite of Queen Victoria’s.


The Art Nouveau era

Art Nouveau engagement rings (1880 – 1910) overlap with some of the Edwardian (1901 – 1910) era. This was the time that celebrated the female form. With the suffragette movement in full swing, this was reflected in the designs of engagement rings from this period. Swaying from the traditional romanticism these rings were designed to encompass free-flowing asymmetric lines complimented with a range of gemstones.


The Art Deco era

Art Deco engagement rings (1908 – 1935) are perhaps the most famous of the eras and often included sapphires, rubies and emeralds combined with diamonds and geographic lines.


The engagement rings we see today have a less clear cut style and there is more of a variety. Our generation loves all things antique, vintage and contemporary and engagement styles are much more personal now.

If you’d like to know more information about each style, take a look at the full engagement rings through the eras guide created by AC Silver.

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