Engaged: planning a 3-day wedding in Tuscany

Gina Lyons and Mark Lee are planning a wedding extravaganza in the Italian countryside. The couple share not only a love of books and travelling but also a great sense of humour. Read the first instalment of their love story as we follow them on their journey from the big screen engagement right up to the big day taking place in June 2017.

 Gina & Mark
Falling in love
Gina is a Comedy TV producer, and Mark works as a sales director. “We met on a dating website called Lovestruck,” recalls Gina. “Neither of us had really used dating apps before – so within an hour of chatting about our favourite book (A million little pieces, by James Frey) we were skype-ing. In fact, I met Mark’s entire family online before I had met him in person,” remembers Gina.
“Our first date was in a bar in Carnaby Street. I didn’t have the highest hopes – clearly – as I invited him along to my mate’s wedding planning chat – there were 4 girls and a guy sat there drinking. Luckily, he kicked around and we drank cocktails, then took our respective tubes home. We fell in-love within 3 weeks (we say), but in reality it was more like 3 days!”
After spending their first holiday in Thailand, the couple decided to follow their passion for travelling by visiting many places, including South America, Cambodia, Vietnam, America and India.
 Gina & Mark travelling
The proposal
Carefully planning a surprise proposal, Mark hired an independent cinema in Crouch End. Gina’s friend took her to see a film, but after the adverts, the screen crackled and Mark appeared on the big screen. He had made a beautiful film, which started with him looking down the lens to say why he loved her. He then went on to talk about visiting their first pub date, meeting her mum and brother to ask for her hand in marriage and then finally… checking if their cat and dog agreed.
Suddenly the words ‘Turn around’ came up on the screen, and she turned to find him on one knee in the cinema aisle! After she cried and said “YES” the film continued with more than 80 of their friends saying ‘Congratulations’ – Benedict Cumberbatch even made an appearance!You can watch the full video here.

“Our wedding theme is a relaxed, boho theme, with a lot of personal, bonkers touches like a game we created called ‘Find Bill Murray’. We still have high hopes he’ll RSVP,” jokes Gina.

You’re invited

Over a bottle of wine one night, Mark suggested they should dress as ‘old farts’ for their wedding invitations. So they did! The couple spent three hours getting prosthetic make-up done and hired The Hornsey Town Hall, which they filled with suitable, granny and gramps props. The result is one of the funniest invites we’ve seen in a while – see for yourselves!


Stay tuned for the next instalment of this couple’s exciting planning journey. We’ll keep you up to date with Gina and Mark’s weird and wonderful choices for their 3-day wedding extravaganza!